Gazillionaire 2006

A fun game of business strategy

Gazillionaire is a unique, economic simulation game of business strategy. It is a cross between Monopoly which is set in outer space, and Wall Street in Wonderland.

The game is integrated with sophisticated real world economic tools which will help you determine where supply meets demand as your race with other players to become a rich mogul or tycoon and build your very own financial or trade empire.

Gazillionaire supports up to six players who can play at the same time on one computer or by email over the internet. The first company to reach a net worth of a billion kubars will win the game.

The program supports a wide range of computer platforms including Windows 3. 1x, Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP, XP Tablet PC, Windows XP x64 and many more.

Gazillionaire is a wild and challenging intergalactic game which can teach you a lot about business strategies. It can be played and enjoyed by both kids and adults.



Gazillionaire 2006

User reviews about Gazillionaire

  • angelus48

    by angelus48

    "Silly but fun."

    I love this game. The graphics and sounds are cheezy, but I still come back to it again and again..   More.

  • beegeerwood

    by beegeerwood

    "Excellent game"

    I just love this game. It's imaginative and fun! It's also easy to play. The business simulation game is really ...   More.